Google releases August 2023 update for google Pixel

Google has released the August 2023 security update for its Pixel devices, including Pixel 4a and later models

The update is still based on Android 13, despite the fact that Android 14 betas have been rolling out early each month so far. The final version of Android 14 might arrive later this month or in September

The update includes security patches, bug fixes, and various improvements for the Pixel devices

The update fixes an issue that sometimes caused Bluetooth keyboards to not connect for the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet

The update also fixes an issue causing certain Live Wallpapers to display incorrectly in different orientations for the Pixel Fold

Additionally, the update resolves an issue occasionally causing the lock screen to not respond or the home screen launcher search input to not register for the Pixel Fold

The update eliminates an issue causing flickering or glitches while in Hub Mode for the Pixel Tablet

The update has different versions depending on the device model and region. For example, the global version is TQ3A.230805.001, while the US version for T-Mobile and Google Fi is TQ3A.230805.001.A1

The update is rolling out gradually to all supported Pixel devices over the air. Users can check for the update manually by going to Settings > System > Advanced > System update

This is the last scheduled security update for the Pixel 4a, ending support for the phone after two years of updates