Google Photos to get Ultra HDR format

What is Google Photos Ultra HDR? A new format that supports 10-bit HDR images and videos on Android 14 devices

Why is Ultra HDR important? It allows you to capture and display a wider range of colors and contrast in your photos and videos

How does Ultra HDR work? It is backward compatible with the JPEG format, so it can show SDR images on non-HDR screens, but colors and contrast will pop on HDR-enabled panels

Which app supports Ultra HDR? Google Photos is the first app to bring support for Ultra HDR, allowing you to upload, backup, edit, share, and download your photos and videos in this format

Which devices support Ultra HDR? Not all Android phones have the capability or the display to support Ultra HDR. It will likely be limited to higher mid-range and premium-segment phones and tablets

How to enable Ultra HDR? You need to have Android 14 Beta 2 or later on your device, and update your Google Photos app to version or later

How to take photos and videos in Ultra HDR? You can use the default camera app on your device, or any third-party app that supports Ultra HDR. You will see an option to choose the format in the settings

How to view photos and videos in Ultra HDR? You can use Google Photos app to view your photos and videos in Ultra HDR on your device, or on any other device that supports this format. You will see a badge indicating the format on the thumbnail

How to share photos and videos in Ultra HDR? You can use Google Photos app to share your photos and videos in Ultra HDR via a link, or download them to your device or cloud storage. The recipients will be able to view them in SDR or HDR depending on their device

What are the benefits of Ultra HDR? You can enjoy more vivid and realistic photos and videos with Ultra HDR, as it captures and displays more details and nuances in the shadows and highlights. You can also edit them with more flexibility and accuracy