Google Link Your Devices Coming Soon for Android Users

Google is reportedly developing a new feature that will allow Android users to easily link their devices together if signed into the same Google account

This feature, called “Link Your Devices”, will enable convenient features like call switching and internet sharing between devices

Call switching will let users receive a call on one Android device, then switch or transfer it to another linked Android device. This could work across multiple phones, unlike Apple’s Continuity feature

Internet sharing will allow users to share their main device’s network connection with their other Android devices, without the hassle of setting up a mobile hotspot

The feature will likely appear under Settings > Google > Devices & Sharing once rolled out. It is possible that it will be available for Pixel models first

The feature will rely on Google Play Services, so any Android phone with Google services should get access once the feature rolls out

This feature will bring Android closer to Apple’s ecosystem integration, and make it easier for Android users to switch between devices and improve continuity

Google is also working on another feature that will sync apps between Android devices for the first time. This will ensure that users have their favorite apps on all their devices without having to manually install them

The app syncing feature will also sync app data and settings across devices, so users can resume their activities and preferences on any device

The app syncing feature is currently being tested by Google, and there is no word on when it will be available for users

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