Finally Apple iPhone to receive Google Fi 5G support

Google Fi 5G support is now available for Apple iPhones seems to be great news for iOS users.

Finally, Apple devices are provided with 5G connectivity support on the network.

Apple users will need to have the iOS 16.4 version installed on their devices in order to use this feature.

Earlier, Google Fi subscribers on iOS are only provided with the T-mobile's 4G network.

iOS users will be required to have an iPhone 12 or later in order to use the 5G network.

Alongside this, users will also need to enable the "5G Auto" toggle present in the Cellular Data option under the Settings menu.

Google Fi users present on iOS devices are only allowed to use the built-in VPN feature.

Alongside this, iOS users can also use eSIM cards to use the 5G connectivity support.

However, the support for the new 5G connectivity has been comparatively slow, as per iOS users.

The iOS 16.4 version that supports 5G connectivity was launched in the first week of April 2023.

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