Apple Vision Pro mixes digital and real worlds

Apple Vision Pro is a headset that mixes digital and real worlds. You use your eyes, hands, and voice to control it

The headset costs $3,499 and will be out in early 2023 . It is Apple’s new way of personal computing and a rival for Meta’s Quest headsets

The headset has two chips, an M2 and a R1, for software and XR. It also has two 4K screens that show more pixels than a 4K TV for each eye

The headset has 12 cameras, 5 sensors, and 6 microphones that let you see, understand, and interact with the world. It also has EyeSight, which lets you see your surroundings while using the headset

The headset runs on a new Apple system, VisionOS, which looks like iPadOS. It connects with Apple’s apps and services

The headset can make any room into a theater. You can watch movies, shows, and games in big size and feel like you’re in them with Spatial Audio

The headset is Apple’s first 3D camera. You can take 3D photos and videos and relive them with Spatial Audio. Your old photos and videos look amazing in big size. And panoramas make you feel like you’re there

The headset has features that make it easy and comfy to use. It has a Digital Crown that lets you change your immersion level, a top button that lets you take 3D photos and videos, a Light Seal that fits your face and blocks light, and a Head Band that cushions your head

The headset has a battery that lasts for 2 hours, or all day when plugged in. It also has a wireless case that can charge it four times

The headset gives you an infinite space for your apps. You can put apps anywhere and make them any size. You can use the web, notes, messages, and more at the same time