Apple's iOS 17 is official

Apple is expected to announce iOS 17 in June at WWDC (World Wide Developer’s Conference)

The software update is set to bring changes to the company’s first-party apps and improvements to the overall experience of using the best iPhones

Apps like Wallet and Health are rumored to be getting upgrades with iOS 17

iOS 17 is expected to be released on or around the middle of September, to coincide with the expected iPhone 15 launch

Apple’s iOS 17 is official with better autocorrect and StandBy

Highlights include new safety features, a built-in journaling app, a new nightstand mode, redesigned contact cards, better auto-correct and voice transcription, and live voicemail

Your contact book is getting an update with a new feature called posters

There’s also a new live transcription feature for voicemail that lets you view a transcript of the message a caller is leaving in real time

Some updates to messages include the ability to filter searches with additional terms, a feature that jumps to the most recent message so you can catch up more easily, transcriptions of voice messages

AirDrop gets an update to send contact information — cleverly called NameDrop — which will send your selected email addresses and phone numbers just by bringing two iPhones near each other