Apple announced the Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra

Apple recently announced the Oceanic+ app made for Apple Watch Ultra that will help monitor conditions underwater.

The Oceanic+ app will turn the Apple Watch Ultra into a diving computer as per reports.

The app will enable underwater divers to determine water temperature and depth level in feet and many more details.

The Oceanic+ app was developed by Huish Outdoors along with the support of the Apple brand to get relevant information for divers.

The Apple Watch Ultra can be submerged up to 130 feet deep underwater to collect information for divers.

The app will show a warning if the divers are ascending or descending too quickly, while also calculating the estimated time to reach the surface.

The app has a limited free version, whereas for fully functional specs the users need to pay for an Oceanic+ app subscription.

The user can fully unlock the Oceanic+ app at $5 per day to $80 per year for a single-user subscription.

A family license of the Oceanic+ app can also be purchased at a price of $130 per year.

The Oceanic+ has a minimum requirement of WatchOS 9.1 on an Apple Watch Ultra, while for pairing it will need at least iPhone 8 or iOS 16.1. 

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