Vivo Y31

Vivo Y31 Review, Pros and Cons – Vivo launches yet another elegant mid-range smartphone. It is none other than the Vivo Y31 phone, but if you look closely, you may notice some resemblance similar to those of Vivo Y31s. However, the design is a little bit different for the Y31. Unlike recent smartphones, this phone is the first to be launched in India.

Vivo Y31 phone was launched on January 20, and it has been worth reviewing for a while now, as there are some flaws and strengths that make this phone a good phone in the intermediate segment. On the same note, it is unveiled exclusively in the Indian smartphone market. But there is little hope that it will appear on the global stage also.

If we look at the specs, the Vivo Y31 is a spec beast smartphone, although we cannot neglect the real-time test. With that said, let’s find out the real value of this phone and is it worth buying the Vivo Y31 smartphone.

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