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Step by step to use Apple Pay: Back in 2014, Apple announced and launched, there new payment system, which is improved in a few years. Besides that, it promised consumers an efficient and safe experience for them to use their credit card or debit card with apple devices. Apple Pay is available not only on your iPhone but also on your Apple Watch, the iPad and the iMac system.

Now in 2020, in this quarantine time, it becomes the best way to pay, send, and receive money to people or stores within the Apple userbase.

How to set up and use Apple Pay Cash

  1. The first thing you need to do is to set up is to click on the wallet app on your home screen or go to the mobile settings and click on the Wallet & Apple Pay widget.
  2. You will see (+) icon on the top right side in the wallet app then click on it and accept the terms and conditions. Next, you have to insert your debit/credit card details. Apple has made it quite easier to set up. You can set it by scan the card or input the details manually.
  3. Click continue to input CVV and insert the OTP, which will come from the bank to confirm your card. You are now ready to use Apple Pay cash on your device.

How to send money with Apple Pay

It is quite simple to send money with Apple Pay, what you need to do is to double-tap on the power button, and it will launch the registered card section in which the select the preferred card to pay.

But before the purchase, it will perform the regular security and authority check. You can use Apple Pay on iPhone X, iPhone XR or apple watch, it can open through face-id or touch-id through fingerprint sensor, and if you have below segment iPhone pattern or pin is required for the access.

Then it says on the display to hold near bar code reader/scanner and put your phone near. You’ll feel a slight vibration, and a tick will appear on the screen, and this means that you paid successfully.

How to use Apple Pay at any Shop and Store

As the above mention, hold your phone near the bar code scanner to use Apple Pay for the payment. But it’s hit-or-miss in some cases, some store owner didn’t enable the Apple Pay service.

Where can you use Apply Pay

In the physical store, look for the Apple pay or NFC symbol, it means that you can use this there, Or kindly ask at the store that do they have the Apple Pay service or not. In online purchases, apple pay is quite easy to use. For more detail, visit the apple site to get an overview of which banks and services work under this.

How to use Apply Pay

How to use Apple Pay Cash or Apple Cash

Apple Cash is a part of Apple Pay, and it’s a virtual form of money. To set up the Apple Pay Cash Card follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the Wallet App
  2. Tap on the Black colored card option.
  3. Click on Setup Now and confirm to complete the procedure.
  4. Then, it will ask to add your card details, if you haven’t set up it.

It is an e-wallet in which you can send & receive money and even through your bank, debit, visa, or credit card. It makes it easy to shop in online stores, apps to transfer Apple Cash to the bank, or people as well. In the iOS 13.4 update, the features improved, and now you can even request and receive in the message section, which kept the security of your Apple Cash card.


Use of Apple Pay: As its tag line refers, “Cashless made effortlessly”; and it indeed makes the payments more straightforward, convenient, and very seamless. But, on the flip side, lots of users aren’t worried about having a backup payment method.

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