Apple iOS 13.4 Released

iOS 13.4 update is here, on 24 March, Apple company globally dispatched the latest OS for all the devices, including an in-built security patch. You will see hefty of new things in this update. There is a big list of enhancement with a lot of bugs fixing. The update size of 900 MB, which quite big. It covers most of the network issues and improved several other things.

Security is one of the most important things which needs for any user. For iPhone user, iOS 13.4 updates in straight up to the bat in terms of security and privacy. It improves security features like – minimize the access of the third-party apps, anti-tracking, and can remove metadata of location from the photo.

And for more detail, you can visit the official Apple iPhone website. There you will get an overview of the security patch. Even if you’re on 13.2 OS or you missed the update. You can get full detailed information on the official website regarding the security patch update according to your current iOS.

update iOS 13.4 pros and cons

What’s new in iOS and iPadOS 13.4

  • The new emoji stickers are available on iOS.
  • Files apps features are improved, now you can share any file through iCloud to any file/office app. It makes the sharing functionally more straightforward and easy to use.
  • The new setup of the email navigation system changes the way to send and receive mails; It includes the Archives, Inbox, and the format gives different options to the users.
  • If someone sends you an encrypted email, The reply of the encrypted message will send by-default in the encrypted format. It not discovered in the beta version.
  • The participating apps which are supported by the iPhone, iMac, and iPad; will available on all the platforms. If you purchased an app from the Apple App Store through your iPhone, this participating app will also accessible on the iMac as well as on the iPad.
  • The arcade mode feature improves the games, and it’s navigation, which enhances more fun.
  • A lot of bugs have been removing to increase the user-experience.
  • In the argument reality feature, now you can add audio-playback in the argument reality video
  • You will notify when some applications are tracking your data.
  • Trackpad and Mouse support

The drawback of iOS 13.4

It didn’t work appropriately below the iPhone 10. It shows lags and performance issues while using the update.
To counter this, you can downgrade the 13.4 OS to 13.3.1 OS, which will stabilize the performance of the phone. But, you can’t downgrade further to 13.3.1
Sometimes, we can’t uninstall preinstalled apps check how you can Uninstall iOS Apps on your iPhone or iPad

How to update your phone to iOS 13.4

You will generally receive the iOS 13.4 update notification on your phone. If you haven’t already received it, you can go to the configuration and then go to the general and click on software update. When you click on the software update, you will see the iOS 13.4 update and the installation option will be available there.