Umidigi A9 and A9 Pro

Umidigi A9 and A9 Pro Review, Pros and Cons – Mi is a versatile brand that offers its service in a differentiated segment. Under his umbrella, there is also the Umidigi design to render decent basic smartphones. Recently, this company launched two exciting smartphones called Umidigi A9 and A9 Pro, for the mid-range phones.

Both models have the same name and design. But the superior variant comes with a more stable feature compared to the non-Pro, although that does not change its general aspects. On the positive side, both models come with an infrared thermometer, which is quite innovative at this time. But, let’s dig deep and find out what is really worth it. So, without further ado, let’s go to the specifications highlights first.

Umidigi A9 and A9 Pro Review


  1. Typically, phones will have an IPS LCD screen with the same body aspect ratio.
  2. The company is able to deliver Android 11 ready for use with custom configuration features.
  3. As for the appearance of the camera, both models compile a different camera plate. The UMIDIGI A9 comes with a 13 MP triple camera, while the A9 Pro comes with a 48 MP quad camera.
  4. In the battery section, the A9 comes with a 5150 mAh battery, and as for the A9 Pro, it equips a 4150 mAh battery only.
  5. Both devices have an elegant and slim design with a shiny representation on the back frame.

Design and Display

The glossy design gradient of the body provides a smooth looking appearance with a little glossy effect of plastic skin. The layout structure can be identical from head to toe. But, the specifications define the difference. Although, it’s been a while since we saw a rectangular camera plate on the phone. Umidigi A9 and A9 Pro smartphones are equipped with their own unique characteristics. But in terms of the overall design, the Umidigi A9 Pro is superior to is the younger brother Umidigi A9.

The younger brother Umidigi A9 accompanies the 6.5 inches HD screen built on IPS technology whose design to present exceptional colors and vividness while watching the screen. However, on the other hand, the Umidigi A9 Pro comes with a slightly smaller 6.3 inches build, but instead of providing 720p resolution, the company focused on providing FHD+ resolution on the IPS LCD panel, which is quite impressive. Both models have a rear-mounted fingerprint reader with a decent brightness setting.

Memory and Internal