Ulefone Armor 9

Ulefone Armor 9 Review, Pros and Cons – Have you ever thought about a heat-sensing camera on your smartphone, If not, we would like to present the best Ulefone Armor 9 smartphone to you, which has a heat-sensing camera and several advanced settings that enhance the overall user experience.

Most of Ulefone’s smartphones have a kind of identity protection features, which make them hopeful in terms of durability and fascinating as compared to other smartphone devices. Now, speaking of Ulefone Armor 9, it is a complete solution like a perfect mid-range smartphone with superb resistance to extreme situations.

But wait, you need to see its main specs because it has a decent setup that you haven’t seen anywhere or on any smartphone. So let’s start the analysis of Ulefone Armor 9 in detail.

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Ulefone Armor 9 Review


  1. The phone is designed to work with an additional accessory, such as an endoscope camera, that comes in the box.
  2. A robust aluminum shield that mixes with rubber is intact to minimize any type of drop damage, and the rubber edges provide a fantastic texture.
  3. On the powerhouse department, a huge battery with a capacity of 6600 mAh is intact with the phone’s structure, plus support for extremely fast charging is there that guarantees a fabulous charging speed.
  4. The Ulefone Armor 9 comes with an Helio P90 chipset which is mainly centered on games to expand the overall gaming experience, although it does not have any sort of higher 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate.

Design and Display

The structure layout and the texture on the back appear to be very rigid and quite resistant on the outside and the material used on the phone is of high quality, which gives a faded design of the old guard smartphone.

On the other hand, the rear panel has an elegant design and smartphone enthusiasts who love armor will like it more. In addition, the triple camera plate dominates the back with a quad-LED setup just below it. check out the Ulefone Armor X5 Pro smartphone.

As for the screen, you have a 6.3 inches Full HD+ resolution IPS LCD display with a protective glass coating while there is no vision of a high-quality refresh rate. Nevertheless, it still manages to provide an adequate viewing experience.

Memory and Internal

The internal configuration consists of the Helio P90 SoC which is brilliant for those who want something powerful for performance and also for games. Moreover, the processor is also noteworthy, as it reaches up to 2.2 GHz clock speed with its two main cores focused on performance out of its octa-core CPU.

Parallel to this, Android 10 OS comes with its standard variant interface, which is somewhat different from the typical stock interface. The application icons change slightly while the smoothness is intact. A 128 GB internal storage based on UFS 2.1 is paired with an incredible 8 GB RAM set, and you can add more space with the shared Micro-SD port.


The camera set is unique, as you will receive a triple camera setup with the same 64 MP Sony IMX686 lens with the usual 2 MP depth sensor for portraits and surprisingly also includes a FLIR thermal camera Lepton module for heat detection. With this thermal camera add-on, you can now experience a whole new level of things with your device and have fun.