Twitter testing new component to recognize who is making fake tweets

New Feature Called Twitter Hide Reply and Why This Feature Is Important

Twitter has experienced harsh criticism in the past over how they apparently don’t do what’s necessary to shield user from abusing. There have been more than one occasion of individuals, including prominent big names, being pursued off the stage by trolls who reply oppressive tweets comments towards them.

Anyway fortunately it would seem that Twitter is at long last taking care of business. As per Jane Manchun Wong (through TechCrunch), she has found that Twitter is trying out another element as “Twitter Hide Reply”. What this does is that it will hide tweets in discussions that user would prefer not to see.

Twitter Senior PM Michelle Yasmeen Haq has since affirmed this is for sure an element that is underway and clarified how Hide Tweets functions. “We as of now observe individuals attempting keep their discussions good by utilizing block, report, and Mute options. However these features don’t generally address the issue Block and Mute just change the experience of the blocker, and report works for the substance that damages our policies.”

Twitter Hide Reply
She said With this new feature twitter user who began a discussion could hide reply to their tweets. The hidden replys (How do you hide tweets reply from someone on twitter) would be distinguishable by others through a menu choice. We figure the straightforwardness of the hidden replies would enable the network to notice and get out circumstances where individuals utilize the element to hide tweets reply. We figure this can adjust the experience between the first Tweets and the gathering of people.”