TCL 20s Review, Pros and Cons – Although the name seems new to many, it doesn’t lose its conquest compared to others. Mainly famous for making spectacular TVs, TCL has recently become famous for smartphones. Coming from the TCL 20 series, the 20S smartphone is another remarkable phone with amazing features. The phone has just been released on May 20, 2021.

The phone has a brilliant processor, spectacular camera, long battery life, and even the screen is much larger than standard-sized phones. The TCL 20s is a 4G smartphone that is being sold with pleasure. Let’s start with a detailed review of the TCL 20s smartphone.

TCL 20s Review


  1. A 6.67 inches IPS LCD display proves to give you a captivating experience on your phone.
  2. You are ahead of the modern generation holding a smartphone that runs on Android 11.
  3. To get the best performing tag, Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 does almost everything faster and quicker.
  4. The back panel features a 64 MP main camera which is a sensation to these days for all photogenic people.
  5. TCL 20s has been fixed with Li-Po 5000 mAh battery without any fast charger.

Design and Display

As you have the phone in your hand, you will play the game of light and shadow. Two colors are made just for you. The popular, North Star Blue and Milky Way Gray combination are enchanting. You can choose Milky Way gray color which is also quite attractive. The amazing color play on the matte finish phone is just beautiful. If you’re used to using a big phone, you won’t feel too uncomfortable.

The TCL 20S phone displays a 6.67 inches screen with an IPS LCD panel which is proven to have great performance over the years. It may not beat the AMOLED panel, but it has the ability to compete with it.

The phone is a little heavier than other peers. It weighs 199g and the thickness of 9.1mm is quite thick. Today, there is no obstacle to purchasing this phone. Undoubtedly, you can easily hold your phone. The camera section also gives you plenty of room to easily hold it.

To get a captivating experience on your phone, 1080p resolution with a 20:9 aspect ratio proves to be a better feature. In addition to the negative features, the refresh rate is not standard. You can feel a blur of motion while watching any tremendous action sequence on your phone, take a look at the TCL 20L phone.

Memory and Internal

Now, let’s go to the inner section. If you want a performance full of energy, buying this phone won’t make you regret it. Since it runs on the Android 11 operating system, you’re ahead when holding the modern generation smartphone. You should also be proud to use its custom TCL UI interface, which lets you do almost anything.

As you’re holding a new generation smartphone, you can’t be disappointed with the faster performance of this phone. Therefore, you will have 11 nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 as your powerful chipset. Although 11nm chipset is slower than the most powerful smartphone, you definitely feel the difference in speed.

For a gamer, a 2.0GHz processor on 4 cores and a 1.8GHz processor on another 4 cores are perfect. No way, you hav