T-Mobile REVVL V Plus

T-Mobile REVVL V Plus Review, Pros and Cons – Another new entry into the REVVL family is from the T-Mobile brand. The T-Mobile REVVL V Plus also known as the REVVL V+ smartphone is considered America’s most affordable 5G bundle. Although the phone is not available for the global market, you only purchase it in the US. Currently, it’s not clear whether they have any plans to roll out the phone globally or not. Launched June 30, 2021, the phone will be available in offline stores from July 12 and in online stores from July 23.

If you are budget conscious but need a branded phone, the REVVL V Plus can be a great choice. After the launch of the great 5G Upgrade, this is another big initiative from this T-mobile company. Comes with a bigger screen, attractive colors, and powerful battery, it can be your best companion in your miserable moments. If you live in the US, this is your best chance to get the phone for a very low price. Let’s see start with a detailed review of the T-Mobile REVVL V Plus smartphone.

T-Mobile REVVL V Plus Review


  1. It offers a great cinematic experience with a larger 6.82 inches screen.
  2. You will have an Android 11 operating system inside the phone which operates all your daily tasks seamlessly.
  3. In addition, it includes a MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G chipset to give you better quality performance.
  4. Whether you’re photogenic or not, you’ll lose sharp pho