smartphone battery discharge problem

Smartphone Battery Gets Bad Because of This 5 Mistakes

Whether it is an original smartphone or an old smartphone, it does not work in any battery. In such a way nowadays we are going to explain you about the 5 big mistakes that might cause the smartphone battery discharge. So let’s check about these 5 mistakes you are doing with your phone.

5 charging mistakes are killing your smartphone battery

smartphone battery problem

Number One In The List Is Do Not Do This While Charging

If you are charging your smartphone, do not use the game at all. Apart from this if you calling on the phone during charging, then it can be dangerous for you. Therefore, it would be better not to use it while charging the smartphone. In such a way charging the phone off and charging can be a better and faster option.

Do Not Update

If you do not update the software of your smartphone or application, hackers or viruses might be attacked on your phone. Without an updated phone or app, there may be a virus or bug, so the battery of your phone jumps heating up. In such a state, there is a bad effect on the performance of the battery. Therefore, it is good idea update your phone and app.

Smartphone Discharge

For better battery life of the phone it is necessary to charge your phone before full discharge. Actually the battery’s full discharge damage the phone. Sometimes, the battery of the phone becomes weak when this happens. It would be better to charge your phone for charging before 15 percent and if you can’t charge at that moment then switch off before full discharge of the smartphone.

Low Quality

Do not put any local batteries in the phone. If there is a problem through your phone’s battery, then take it at the service center. Apart from this, charging the phone with a local charger can be dangerous. Cheap electronic parts in the local charger can spoil the smartphone’s battery life.