Google Discover

Short Tiktok-style videos are being displayed by the Google Discover Feed

A collection of short TikTok-style videos is reportedly being displayed by Google Discover, the search giant’s relevant information feed. Alternatives to the Tiktok app are being promoted by companies, as TikTok is being banned in several countries and Google is also participating in the race. Videos from popular short video sharing apps like Trell and Tangi are currently being featured by Google Discover Feed.

According to a 9to5Google report, when played, the short video can be opened directly in the web browser. In the upper left corner, the source logo is visible and, at the bottom, the video name is visible. In addition, controls for enabling, disabling, or sharing videos are present and a progress indicator is also present in the new feature. Any video in the floating menu can be hidden.

Limited availability is there in the resource so far, which has been reported to be seen with just one user. Nothing has been announced about the official launch of Google so far.

Allegedly, these Google Discover videos were taken from Trell, an Indian competitor of TikTok, and Tangi, where 60-second video clips are featured.

Google Discover can be accessed on the Google iOS app and Android smartphones. User news and topics are displayed to users, from sports to weather on Google Discover.

Alternatives to TikTok video app

Alternatives to TikTok are being hastily launched by companies, which have gained popularity around the world. The Tiktok app was banned by India in June and the executive order was approved by the