Sharp Aquos Zero 5G Basic

Sharp Aquos Zero 5G Basic DX Review, Pros and Cons – Smartphone maker Sharp is known for its off-mapped devices in the technology market, and there is plenty of evidence of that, like the recent Zero line, which includes the 5G Basic and Sene 4 series phones.

The company recently launched another Zero Series smartphone – Sharp Aquos Zero 5G Basic DX. It is not a new phone, but an upgraded version of the Zero 5G Basic with some additional tweaks, while the Basic DX variant costs around 24,000 INR. Other than that, it also didn’t look like the phone would be sold outside of Japan. So without further ado, let’s look at the rest of the specs and review of Sharp Aquos Zero 5g Basic DX smartphone.

Sharp Aquos Zero 5G Basic DX Review


  1. The device features an OLED display and spreads 1 billion colors on the screen.
  2. On the shiny note, the delicate design integrates with the phone while the triple camera is placed on the back.
  3. The processing section has the best mid-range Snapdragon 765G chipset on the board.
  4. There is also a 48 MP triple camera next to the 16 MP selfie port.
  5. The company packs a 4050 mAh battery that supplies power through the fast charger.

Design and Display

The matte finish design appears on the rear panel with an excellent choice of black and white colors, speaking of the simple white variant, it provides a smooth yet robust premium feel. On the other hand, the posterior shade reaches a somewhat professional aspect. It is good news that the Aquos Zero 5G Basic DX comes with gorilla glass protection with the IP68 certification to prevent further damage from dust and water on the internal doors.

This phone may look bulky and curved from the corners, but the proportion defines everything evenly in your hands. Interestingly, Zero 5G Basic DX is not as big or small in terms of screen size, as the phone has a 6.4 inches OLED panel, which provides more than 1 billion color saturation at the top of high-end pixel density. Not to forget, there is also a refresh rate of 60 Hz given to en