set up WhatsApp Pay or WhatsApp Payment

How to set up WhatsApp Pay or WhatsApp Payment: WhatsApp Payments include that permits you to send and receive cash to and from other WhatsApp users. As WhatsApp pay is new, many users don’t know how would you set up WhatsApp Pay or payments. Here are some simple steps that will assist you to set up your WhatsApp payment feature and also set up with UPI payment in India. WhatsApp brings Dark Mode which help you to protect your eyes, it uses UPI for your payment, which is known as the WhatsApp Pay or WhatsApp business payment in India to send and receive money.

What is Whatsapp Pay

Whatsapp Pay

The WhatsApp pay or WhatsApp payment is an in-Chat Payment feature that will allow you to make payments to anybody from your WhatsApp contact list. This payment framework will work on the UPI (Unified Payments Interface), where you can send or transfer money without giving your bank details such as account number and IFSC code. If you don’t know about UPI, then let me tell you. What is UPI: UPI or Unified Payments Interface is a quick real-time payment framework that helps you to instantly transfer and receive money through a mobile platform.

If WhatsApp Pay is safe to use

The information in WhatsApp pay is store safely, and sensitive information, for example, card number and UPI PIN is are not stored, WhatsApp uses Facebook service that offers safe and secure payment framework. You can use WhatsApp Fingerprint feature to unlock your WhatsApp