set up WhatsApp Pay or WhatsApp Payment

How to set up WhatsApp Pay or WhatsApp Payment: WhatsApp Payments include that permits you to send and receive cash to and from other WhatsApp users. As WhatsApp pay is new, many users don’t know how would you set up WhatsApp Pay or payments. Here are some simple steps that will assist you to set up your WhatsApp payment feature and also set up with UPI payment in India. WhatsApp brings Dark Mode which help you to protect your eyes, it uses UPI for your payment, which is known as the WhatsApp Pay or WhatsApp business payment in India to send and receive money.

What is Whatsapp Pay

Whatsapp Pay

The WhatsApp pay or WhatsApp payment is an in-Chat Payment feature that will allow you to make payments to anybody from your WhatsApp contact list. This payment framework will work on the UPI (Unified Payments Interface), where you can send or transfer money without giving your bank details such as account number and IFSC code. If you don’t know about UPI, then let me tell you. What is UPI: UPI or Unified Payments Interface is a quick real-time payment framework that helps you to instantly transfer and receive money through a mobile platform.

If WhatsApp Pay is safe to use

The information in WhatsApp pay is store safely, and sensitive information, for example, card number and UPI PIN is are not stored, WhatsApp uses Facebook service that offers safe and secure payment framework. You can use WhatsApp Fingerprint feature to unlock your WhatsApp

How to link or set up Whatsapp Pay link to Bank Account

  • Go to WhatsApp Settings and tap on the Payments option in setting.
  • Select the Add New Account alternative present inside the Bank account header.
  • Presently tap on Accept and proceed in the wake of perusing all the terms and conditions.
  • Select the Verify alternative through SMS and follow all the prompts to send an SMS for beginning the UPI connecting process.

How to link or connect Bank Account to WhatsApp Payments

  • Open WhatsApp then tap on three dots on the upper right corner
  • Go to settings and you will see the payment option under notification (If you do not have the option, check if your WhatsApp number is linked to UPI.)
  • On the following screen tap on accepting and continue to go to the next screen
  • It will request you confirm your phone number by SMS.
  • The application will send you an SMS to complete the verification procedure.
  • You will see all the UPI supported banks. This is normally the bank name and the last four digits of the account to select your bank.
  • After these steps, you will see the message saying the WhatsApp payment setup complete.

Whatsapp Pay: How to send money from Whatsapp Payment

The WhatsApp Payment is available only in India and the transactions will be done by Unified Payments Interface (UPI). The best component of WhatsApp Payments is that you can transfer money to your WhatsApp contact list using a single chat, or you can send cash to your group friend as well. Below you can see the procedure to send money through WhatsApp

  • Open chat from WhatsApp contact to whom you need to send money.
  • Tap on the 3 dots symbol on top and there you will get payment option.
  • In case the receiver has the WhatsApp payment option configured, simply click on this payment and fill the payment amount and tap on the send button.
  • You need to enter 4 digits UPI one time pin.
  • When you enter and validate the one-time pin then money will be sent successfully.

How to get or receive money through WhatsApp payment

When someone sends you money successfully, then WhatsApp will send you a notification about the money you receive from your contact. You can monitor Payments by utilizing the Payment history.

How to Delete or change balance account in WhatsApp Payments

You can utilize this option to remove WhatsApp Pay in case you have multiple accounts to change or connect another account.

  • Open WhatsApp go to the WhatsApp Payments option in setting.
  • click on add new account and you will see all list of banks.
  • When you select your bank account there you will get the option to delete the bank account.

Pros and Cons of WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp uses UPI, which is fast and secure.WhatsApp Payments is a new and limited feature as it is in beta.
Nowadays, everyone is using WhatsApp so you can pay directly in India if WhatsApp payment is enabled for the receiver.You can send and receive money only in India.
WhatsApp pay is not an online wallet like Paytm or Google pay.You cannot recharge your phone or pay bills using WhatsApp Pay nowadays.
If someone has access to your WhatsApp, risk using WhatsApp pay without your permission.It could not use without the UPI configuration.
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