google maps saved tab

New redesigned saved Tab feature will help the user find and remember important places

With carousels in place of tabs at the top, a redesigned “Saved tab” is present in the Google Maps app. Google shared this development through a blog post. Recently saved as the first option, followed by Saved Nearby, Visited, and then user lists are included in the carousel view. According to the search giant Google, the Google Maps update started rolling out on August 26. Places can be easily found and remembered by users who matter most to them. Recently Google Maps gets a more detailed color map view which is one of the big updates by google.

To easily access saved places, recently visited places and much more, there is Saved tab, which was redesigned, according to the Google post. Lists, Labeled, Reservations, Following, Visited and Maps are shown at the bottom, before the update. Now, after updating the saved tab, all the tabs at the bottom can be swiped. Carousels for options, mentioned earlier, are shown on the Saved tab after this Google Maps update.

Google Maps

Newly added locations can be seen faster than before, which is allowed by the recently saved carousel and users do not need to enter all lists. A cover image, name, and description were provided for each location. All saved places near the user’s location are shown by the next saved section on a carousel, which is sorted by distance. According to the blog, this works by enabling location permission for Google Maps.

In addition, location history must be enabled for the section visited. It helps to remember the places and routes users take. Time, city, region, or country are used to help organize these locations. Finally, user lists are shown on the Saved tab on Google Maps, where lists of important memorable or saved locations can be viewed. The list can be made public, shared, private, the name and description can be given to it the user.