Now Sandisk 1TB microSD Card

First SanDisk 1Tb Micro SD Card Its Price Will Surprise You

Sandisk unveiled Memory card or Micro SD card 1TB. The SDXC card is still in its model stage now and the organization has not uncovered the cost and discharge date yet At the price of around $500 SanDisk 1Tb Micro SD Card (roughly Rs 36,000) world’s first 1TB MicroSD Card is uncovered at MWC 2019. Western Digital discharged Sandisk Extreme UHS-I smaller scale SDXC card and touted it a capacity arrangement with high limit as well as with high information exchange speed. This puts a critical effect in transit clients look to the card, without great speed a 1TB miniaturized scale card will just a ceaseless information exchange process.

With 90MB/s compose speed, a client can move a 1GB record inside 12 seconds if the speed does not varies. The card offers an a lot higher 160MB/s of perusing speed, WD claims you can move 1000HD photographs and a 4K video of half-hour inside 3 minutes. A full 1TB document duplicate from your pc to the card will take approx. 3 hours and 30 minutes.

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With high stockpiling and speed the card likewise convey a high sticker price, $450 (approx. Rs.32000) for a MicroSDXC card will be perfect for the individuals who are explicitly hunting down an elite arrangement. Moderate scope of cards lies between 64GB to 128GB and the value hops high in the sky for 256GB or higher variations. In such a situation, SanDisk 1Tb Micro SD Card capacity is increasingly similar to an ability test by the brand.

Sandisk 1TB micro SD Card
The second essential thing is the convenience in gadgets like Smartphone, Digital Cameras, and so forth. For cell phone there are uncommon models that help expandable capacity up to 1TB SD Memory card, 256GB is getting standard with mid-range to top of the line gadgets that additionally accompanies high in-fabricated capacity alternative effectively constraining the prerequisite for SD cards.

Such card is perfect for gaming reassures like Nintendo Switch who needs outer capacity for amusements. Switch is a cross breed reassure that offers portable gaming alongside wide screen show support and actually the comfort bolsters high stockpiling.

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Beware of fake 1TB micro SD Card

You might be using a 1 TB Micro SD card in your smartphone or camera but you should be careful whether it is fake or real. As nowadays, fake Micro SD cards are being sold which almost looks like real ones but there are many ways to identify whether a SD card is real or not.

If the logo on the package of a SD card is not matching to the actual one, it might be a fake one. Even if you have bought the SD card at a much cheaper price as compared to the online pricing then this clearly indicates it to be fake. So you should first do online research about the product you are going to buy, so you will never be cheated.

There is another easy way to know whether your SD card is real or not just by downloading the app SD insight from the app store. If it’s a fake one, it will not show the manufacturer’s name.

One more way is to figure out the authenticity of your SD card. Try to fill your SD card by storing stuff in your card so as to completely fill the entire space. Now check if all the data is accessible or not. If you see any error, it simply indicates you have bought a wrong card.

Pros and Cons of 1TB micro SD card


  1. You can store a huge amount of data.
  2. It has got a small size so it is very easy to carry.


  1. Most of the phones or cameras may not be compatible with 1TB SD card.
  2. You might lose it or break it as it is very fragile.
  3. It has to be very expensive because of its small size.
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