Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Pros and Cons

Recent Samsung Galaxy Phones will get four years of Android Security Updates – In its most recent blog, Samsung announced that Galaxy smartphones and tablets will receive new security updates. Users who have purchased Galaxy since 2019 will receive a minimum of 4 years of security updates.

Samsung would offer monthly or annual updates for two years of the device’s period, although the frequency was determined by the particular device itself. Premium phones like Galaxy Notes or Galaxy S receive monthly updates, while the Galaxy A71 5G receives quarterly updates. Some of the high-fidelity devices, like the Galaxy S8, are receiving quarterly updates.

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This new update promises that Samsung’s new security updates are for devices that support real updates. They did not clarify monthly or quarterly updates. In addition, this announcement means that the company is working to extend the life of its devices, including entry-level basic phones.

With this announcement in mind, Google offers three years of security updates for Pixel phones. There are fewer Pixel hardware models that will also receive security updates from Samsung.