Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Price Specifications Review

The New Samsung Galaxy S20 5g Price, Specifications, Review, and everything else: Samsung is a pioneer of technology and is immersed in crating affordable tech with countless features for ages. Not much time ago, it came up with its galaxy series of smartphones and captured the whole market with budget smartphones.

Moreover, a year ago Samsung launched another hit, Samsung Galaxy S10. Now, Samsung is heading towards its new release known as the Samsung Galaxy S20. There are a lot of fans awaiting this model to release.

The irony is, the model is a part of the Galaxy S series but isn’t following the numeric pattern i.e. S8, S9, S10. It is said that its name is decided S20 to gain a competitive advantage over the iPhone 11. The new Galaxy S20 series will feature 5 variants – Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, Samsung Galaxy S20+, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G, and Samsung Galaxy S20.

Yes, these models will be adapted with the 5G technology. However, the basic variant and the plus variant will lack this feature. Therefore, these models will not be released in the US market but will be available for sale in other markets.

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Design of Samsung Galaxy S20

The Samsung Galaxy S20 will be featured in three color ranges – cosmic grey, cosmic black, and cloud blue. Moreover, the material of the body is expected to be fully made of steel. Therefore, phones will surely be highly durable in nature. Also, we’re talking about Samsung here so we can always expect top-grade materials in use.

Next up, the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S20 is said to be covered on the screen and will follow the same design as that of the Galaxy S10 by Samsung. Here’s what else you can expect from the design of Samsung Galaxy S20:

  • There can be a total of 5 lenses at the back body of the handset
  • There will be plenty of space in the camera placement for zooming capabilities
  • The camera will follow a vertical design
  • The shape of the phone can be rectangular and will not follow round edges

Therefore, the overall design will surely take the hat off Samsung fans. A sneak peek at the features of Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G smartphone
SpecificationsGalaxy S20 UltraGalaxy S20 PlusGalaxy S20
Storage256 and 512 GB128GB128GB
RAM12 GB and 16 GB12 GB12 GB
CPUSnapdragon 865Snapdragon 865Exynos 990
Rear Camera108 MP12 MP12 MP
Display6.9 inches6.7 inches6.2 inches
Water ResistanceIP68IP68IP68
Battery Life5000 mAh4500 mAh4000 mAh

Overall, the specs are really good and capable of providing a seamless performance. However, it is still yet left to compare with the price range. Therefore, the price will decide if the phone is worth the investment or not. Well, let us have a look at the price prediction.

What is the expected Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Price

With so many different things this year, Samsung continues to surprise its users with gradual changes. Obviously, the prices for the Samsung Galaxy S20 series will be greater than that of the Galaxy S10 series. Here’s what a leak from the T-mobile says:

  • Galaxy S20 5G – $999
  • Galaxy S20 Plus 5G – $1,199
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G – $1,399

As we already stated, two models will lack the 5G connectivity and will work on the 4G network. Therefore, you can surely expect a lower price for those variants.

Will this series feature something entirely new? Yes, the reports say that there’s a lot to expect from the Samsung team with the release of Galaxy S20. However, the official statement will only be made at the unpacked event by Samsung on the 12th of February. But here are some things that you can expect.

The Galaxy S20 series will have a display of120Hz. That’s because it is equipped with an Exynos 990 processor which is capable of managing even higher resolution displays. Therefore, you can expect a lot from the display of these models.

But as we all know, Samsung has never featured a 120Hz refresh rate in any of its models. Therefore, the Galaxy S20 can be the first phone by Samsung to be equipped with such a higher display refresh rate. But, Samsung does make higher resolution displays for other vendors. Therefore, you can easily expect Samsung to include one in their new smartphones.

Expected Samsung Galaxy S20 Review and Features

Samsung never fails to amaze its users with its glass-breaking technology and features. Moreover, Samsung does take the competition really seriously. Therefore, it will surely come up with various amazing features just to get a competitive advantage over apple and OnePlus.

Here’s a list of features sourced from leaks and predictions:

Extended Battery Life
S series does not have a good name in terms of battery life. However, the S20 series will change the game forever because it is said to have the largest battery life among all the S series phones. The expected battery capacity is said to be 5000mAh. However, official confirmation for the same is still pending.

Larger Display
The Galaxy S20 will be packed with a bunch of weight and is expected to have a weight of 221 grams. With such a greater weight, you can either expect a durable body or better hardware or even both. However, reports say that the phone will be equipped with a larger display estimated to be 6.9 inches in size. And as usual, you can expect it to be an AMOLED display.

Here are some of the expectations from the display:

  • The resolution can be of 1440×3200 in size
  • The screen will be Infinity-O Dynamic AMOLED screen
  • The aspect ratio of the screen can be 20:9
  • Centered punch hole is complementary

So, you can expect a bigger display and a better screen resolution. Hence, entertainment will be the main center of attraction for the Samsung Galaxy S20 case series.

Better Camera
As we talked in the design section, the Galaxy S20 series will feature 5 lenses at the back, stacked vertically with a lot of empty space in between. Here are some of the features that you will likely see in the 100x digital zoom camera of these phones:

  • The selfie camera will be in the top center and is expected to be of 40-megapixel
  • The front camera can support video recording of 40-FPS
  • The rear camera is expected to provide a stunning 108-Megapixel lens
  • The main camera will be capable of providing a 100x digital zoom and a 10x optical zoom
  • The other lens will be of 48 Megapixels that will be used for telephoto
  • The other camera will be of 12 Megapixels for ultra-wide photos
  • Lastly, a ToF lens will also be featured at the back

Therefore, the camera can be said to be the main center of attraction for this series. After all, each year we can see advancement in cameras by other carriers so Samsung can never think of lacking behind.
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Superior RAM
The availability of Exynos chipset in these models is a great boon for Samsung lovers. Moreover, you will get the liberty to choose from two storage variants – 128 Gb and 512 Gb. Furthermore, the RAM of the most expensive version of this series is said to have RAM of 16 Gb that is the highest possible seen in a smartphone.

Amazing Refresh Rate
Several vendors outsource their displays from Samsung. Not only regular displays but the best in class ones. Therefore, Samsung will surely implement one of the best displays in its new Galaxy S20 series. Hence, the phone is said to have a refresh rate of 120Hz.
In a nutshell, you can expect a lot of new things from Samsung through its latest flagship. The phone has great features, enhanced capabilities, and perfect performing elements. Hence, as a Samsung fan, you can put a smile on your face.

Why Samsung choose S20 such an odd naming scheme

Alright, this naming scheme makes no sense to any of us. Then why did Samsung decided to name its phone S20 and not S11? Here are some reasons that may count for this sudden change:

  • They are launching it in the year 2020 and they might want to name it on the year
  • They want to give a competition to the iPhone 11 by numbering their phone with a greater number

However, any of these reasons does not make any sense. But, what it has to do with the name when you are getting such a large number of features at an extremely affordable price range. Moreover, Samsung does naming at its best.

Therefore, to make an unsaturated market for the range of Samsung Galaxy S20e smartphones by Samsung, it decided to name this handset as S20 and not S11. And this fact truly makes sense because S series is truly associated with basic smartphones with limited capabilities.


So that was all about Samsung Galaxy S20 5g Price, Specifications, Review, and features. The official details are yet to be announced on the 12th of February. Therefore, let us wait for the unpacked event to uncover all the secrets. That’s all we have for today.

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