Samsung Galaxy M01 Core

Samsung Galaxy A3 Core Review, Pros and Cons – If you looking for an affordable phone, especially from well-known brands. In that case, the latest Samsung Galaxy A3 Core is one of the best options. Samsung, the Korean company, has been trusted over the years for its quality, support, and brand assurance.

Note that the A3 Core arrives on the African market as a renamed version of the basic Galaxy M01 Core. Technically, the A3 Core was specially created for people who want a reliable phone for everyday tasks, without extreme games or multitasking. To learn more about the Galaxy A3 Core, just keep reading the article without skipping a line.

Samsung Galaxy A3 Core Review


  1. The A3 Core is topped by a bright 5.3-inch infinite HD PLS TFT screen.
  2. The company sends the device in three dynamic and charming colors: Black, Blue, and Red.
  3. The Li-Po 3000mAh battery will accompany you throughout the day.
  4. The lightweight construction of the A3 Core weighing only 150g puts it on an equal footing with other basic devices.
  5. The well-adjusted Android 10 Go edition should handle basic activities with great ease.

Design and Display

Apparently, the design seems to be quite basic according to the price, without flagship-level finish as expected. As mentioned earlier, the device shines with three pleasant colors – red, black, and blue.

To be honest, the epic track texture can definitely make people turn their heads. In addition, the back barely caught stains and gave a good grip on the hand. While there is nothing surprising about the front panel, Samsung screens are always fantastic in terms of color accuracy and quality.

Towards the specifications of the screen, the A3 Core boasts a competent 5.3-inch HD PLS TFT screen panel with a very attractive aspect ratio. For people who love to watch movies and series in excess, this device is a great deal. To cut costs, Samsung discarded Gorilla Glass, which looks a little unsettling.

Memory and Internal

In terms of performance, the not too demanding Mediatek MT6739 quad-core processor comes into play. Frankly, while justifying the price, it is technically incompatible when games and applications that require a lot of memory. In fact, you should have no trouble browsing social media feeds or