Realme V5 vs Honor X10 vs Redmi 10X

Compare between Realme V5 vs Honor X10 vs Redmi 10X – The trend of affordable 5G devices to its peak, now every company is doing its best to launch cost-effective 5G devices with standard software and hardware configurations. Most of you know that Realme is the rising king of affordable smartphones in the segment, and recently this young brand has launched an incredible 5G device called Realme V5, which is in fact one of the affordable 5G devices available on the market. Then, two other devices are noteworthy, Huawei’s Honor X10 and no less than Redmi 10X.

Both the Honor X10 and the Redmi 10X have a reverse naming scheme that sometimes leads them to think that they are the same product. However, the story does not fit the right.

There are two different entities with different characteristics in addition to the 5G connectivity option. So, let’s compare Realme V5 vs Honor X10 vs Redmi 10X three devices to find out which one is the best. Let’s start the comparison between them.

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Comparison between Realme V5 vs Honor X10 vs Redmi 10X


The glossy glass layout is present in the Redmi 10X and Honor X10 which expands in terms of style and gives a feeling of premium class, even in the economical range. On the other hand, Realme V5 arrives with a polycarbonate plastic body that renders an additional high gradient effect texture and, as a result, features a fabulous quality design on its rear panel, check out Realme V5 Pros and Cons

But it is undeniable that the Honor X10 has an attractive look and an elegant layout, which makes sense for having a shiny body with a uniform design.


Both Honor X10 and Realme V5 come with an IPS LCD technology display screen and an advanced 90 Hz refresh rate on your graphics card. The Redmi 10X, on the other hand, consists of an AMOLED panel with a brightness setting of over 600 nits with which you can easily watch movies and play in broad daylight. The fingerprint reader on the side offers a modern look.

But the traditional sensor under the screen mostly prefers, which is why the Redmi 10X is superior in terms of sensors. In our opinion, the Redmi 10X has a perfect screen space.

Memory and Performance

The strength of the Dimensity 820 5G comes in the Redmi 10X and again makes it excellent and increases the speed of the CPU and GPU. In addition, in terms of performance, by adding some more features