Realme UI 2.0

X50 will be the first phone to receive Realme UI 2.0 with ColorOS based on Android 11

Realme UI 2.0 released with ColorOS – Realme UI 2.0 based on Android-11 was revealed by Realme with features like customizable notification bar colors, Dual Mode Music sharing, and various dark modes. A preview version of Realme UI 2.0 is present on the Realme X50 Pro, it will be the first phone with the UI 2.0 update.

In a virtual event, Realme launched Realme UI 2.0, where the Realme Narzo 20 series in India was also launched. The list of eligible Realme UI 2.0 or a timeline for any phone, except Realme X50 Pro, was not revealed by Realme.

Users can choose their own colors for the main interface, shortcut button, notification bar and 24 other interfaces that will be allowed by Realme UI 2.0, using the Global Theme Color function, in which five integrated color schemes and 10 unique colors will be offered. Five themes will be offered by Always On Display (AOD) and exclusive AOD standards can be created by users with just one touch.

A preview version of Realme UI 2.0 has already been received by the Realme X50 Pro smartphone and this will be the first smartphone to officially receive Realme UI 2.0. The release date for the closed beta version of the Realme X50 Pro is September 24, and at the end of October, the open beta will be released and at the end of November, the stable version of Realme UI 2.0 will be there.

Realme UI 2.0 released

Enhanced, Medium and Smooth are the three styles offered by the Dark Mode update in Realme UI 2.0. Intelligent auto-adjustment is also supported and the contrast is automatically adjusted according to the ambient light. The icons can be customized, which will be allowed by Realme UI 2.0 and a collection of fonts will also be offered to choose from. In addition, third-party launcher access to Realme’s desktop design will be granted for further customization and to facilitate the organization of Android 11 notification bar information.

Digital well-being, such as Sleep Capsule, by which users are helped to control their daily health and sleep cycle, are the features included in Realme UI 2.0. Users can chat with friends and watch videos simultaneously using the floating window offered in Realme UI 2.0.

The enhanced function for better efficiency will be offered by Realme UI 2.0, which will be provided on top of Android, according to the company’s claims. Increased productivity with 45 percent improvement in the use of system resources, resulting in a 32 percent increase in system speed and an increase in frame rate stability of 17 percent than the latest generation of UI will be offered by Realme UI 2.0.

The Deep Sea Privacy Plan with an invisible door, private space and security shield by the new UI, through which the security of user data and information will be guaranteed. A new “Subtitle Stitching” feature will be present in Realme UI 2.0, in which the threads can be easily shared by users. Sharing features through Realme Share and Dual Mode Music Share are the other new sharing features included.