Realme C20

Realme C20 Review, Pros and Cons – The Realme C series is known for its excellent quality to bring an economical smartphone. As in the past year, Realme is expected to reveal an entire batch of C-line devices, in which they have already discovered the Realme C20 smartphone in Vitneman. In addition, the same product is expected to be launched in the coming months in India. The company starts with Realme X7 Pro, a redesign version of Realme V15, and it looks like we’ll see more smartphones in a few months.

Now, move on to the main topic, the Realme C20 smartphone is equipped with fairly standard basic specifications and has no unique features that make it independent. However, it would be wrong to say that the price point is the main selling point of the C20 phone. An in-depth analysis will help you understand whether the phone was made for you or not. So, let’s start the review of the Realme C20 smartphone.

Realme C20 Review


  1. You will see a 6.5 inch flat IPS LCD panel placed on the small bezel screen.
  2. The Android 10 software matches Realme UI 1.0.
  3. In the hardware section, processing addresses all the tasks through the Helio G35 chipset.
  4. In the camera department, a single 8 MP lens in charge of delivery photography, while you can use a 5 MP lens for selfies.
  5. Under the hood, the Li-Po 5000 mAh battery should be sufficient to provide long screen time and 10W for charging support.

Design and Display

Like most C-line devices, the Realme C20 smartphone has a simple polycarbonate body design. While the identical strip of the rough surface goes from bottom to top, leaving the space behind the camera plate. Apparently, the first impression, the body structure looks a little thick. Well, for that, there are two reasons – first, the processor and other software require more space. Second, the considerably large battery also adds more weight.

Surprisingly, there are not many shade options. You can choose black or blue. Each has a matte finish that will make your phone look nice. Usually, one color gives an extravagant feel, while the other shows a professional aura. But in the case of the Realme C20 smartphone, both shade models provide the same old professional sense.

Unfortunately, there is no room for the fingerprint reader, as the phone needs to maintain its affordable tag. For security features, you need to depend on the PIN or pattern code. On the other hand, the C20 phone arrives with a high HD screen. IPS technology offers users a smooth color experience. The pixel density is precisely spread across the screen, and you won’t see any problems in the sunlight. Not to forget, the display also has Corning 3 glass protection which is a big advantage.

Memory and Internal

Three pillars determine whether the phone works well in all situations or not – processing speed, multitasking and games. With these three factors, you can check your device’s performance. In the case of the Realme C20 phone, this device may not have a first-class chipset supporting the version. But the Mediatek Helio G35 process works decently in all three aspects but in some cases, it may lag due to 2GB RAM. In addition, you will not notice any delays in normal uses or delays when playing lite games.

Although, you can’t do much about the setbacks of the resolution. However, the visual effect provided by the PowerVR GE8320