Realme C12 vs Redmi 9C vs Honor 9C

Compare between Realme C12 vs Redmi 9C vs Honor 9C – Most of the time, basic smartphones consist of almost similar specifications, but with the unique feature that differentiates them from each other. Next, let’s compare three budget smartphones, Realme C12 vs Redmi 9C vs Honor 9C.

These devices are designed for the affordable segment and have almost similar specifications in some departments. Let’s do the comparison and find out the best smartphone among them.

Comparison between Realme C12 vs Redmi 9C vs Honor 9C


Despite being the oldest, the Honor 9C comes with an elegant plastic finish that enhances the external appearance, and many people like its simple layout. In addition, the glossy effect improves the overall design of the Honor 9C.

On the other hand, there are no particular differences between Realme C12 and Redmi 9C. Even the structure of the camera module is almost similar, only the positioning of the LED sensor is different.


The front screen of the Realme C12 and Redmi 9C is flat, while the Honor 9C displays a curved 2.5D screen. In addition, the modern selfie door on the Honor 9C. A draw can be considered in terms of display between the Realme C12 and the Redmi 9C.

But, the additional brightness features of 400 nits add a feather to a Redmi 9C cover and render a brighter view than the other two. On the other hand, the corning gorilla glass protection only reaches the Realme C12 in the trio.

In addition to the average viewing experience, each maintains the typical HD+ resolution with an IPS LCD technology screen under its protectors. Ultimately, in terms of size, Redmi 9C is the best, but in terms of layout, the Honor 9C is better.