Snapdragon 870

Qualcomm presents Snapdragon 870 with clock speed increased to up to 3.2 GHz – The manufacturer of the mobile processor, Qualcomm, is not stop yet, even after the launch of the Snapdragon 888 is expected to bring more to the smartphone industry. So to answer your questions, Qualcomm is launching the high version of its flagship from last year, the Snapdragon 865+, the brand new Snapdragon 870 chipset. However, you shouldn’t compare it to the newly revealed Snapdragon 888 because it goes hand in hand with this.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chipset

The main USP of the Snapdragon 870 is the increased clock speed of the main core set at 3.2 GHz, making it the fastest mobile chipset in terms of clock speed.  In addition to the clock speed difference between the 870 and the 865+, there are no significant changes that need a lot of attention.  In addition, from the GPU to the Kryo cores, everything remains as it was on the 865 chipset.

The Snapdragon 870 chipset will become the second-tier 2021 flagship chipset that will be used by various manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Motorola, Vivo, etc. in their next smartphones.  The new name as 870 chipset will also help manufacturers, assuming it is an updated chipset.

In addition to these reasons, smartphone companies would be able to launch cheaper smartphones with the flagship 870 processor that will actually increase their sales and brand value after all.  Otherwise, boarding the 888 chipset will end up increasing the manufacturing cost and they cannot be the main killers.

One thing to note here is the absence of an integrated 5G modem. As a result, an X55 5G modem must be installed externally for all 5G operations. Other things, like Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2, remain as usual.

The phones are expected to appear on the markets in the first quarter with this chipset from several manufacturers, as mentioned above.