Pubg mobile india

PUBG mobile plans to relaunch in India, download available for a short period – Mobile India. After the ban due to its Chinese origin, PUBG Corporation came forward and removed the Chinese company Tencent from its game exclusively for India. Not only that, they will adjust the game according to our Indian culture, so that it is more identifiable for us.

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All about PUBG mobile India comeback

A ton of users are sharing screenshots from the official PUBG Mobile India website showing the option to download the app. But after a while, the page was removed and is not accessible now.

Therefore, if there is no inclusion of Chinese companies, the game can certainly return to India without any problem. PUBG Mobile India has officially announced the launch of the Indian version of PUBG Mobile.

This created a lot of enthusiasm among the players and they can’t wait to play the Indian version of PUBG. However, in the beginning, PUBG should start campaigning for the game, as it also launched a teaser on its official website. In addition, the trailer is about to arrive and the game and trailer will likely be available simultaneously.

According to sources, PUBG Mobile India first has to forward all necessary details to the government, and only after obtaining approval can they relaunch the game. To pass approval, they took all necessary steps, from storing user data locally in the country to set some time limits for the ga