parents can restrict their children TikTok Account

Tiktok Now Lets Parents Set Restrictions on their children’s Accounts. No one is unaware of Tiktok these days. Tiktok is a very popular entertainment app with over billions of downloads which lets users create short videos and share them with friends, and family. Recently, after seeing the overuse of this app, especially by teenagers, it has rolled out a new feature “Family Safety Mode”.

Parents can restrict their children TikTok Account

The Family Safety Mode lets parents take control of their children’s usage of this app. It has a restricted mode that limits inappropriate content to be viewed. Though we cannot say how well this restricted mode works as it is computer-based. Also, parents can set screen time for their kids so that they cannot use this app beyond a particular limit.

In order to use this feature, parents have to create their own Tiktok account and link it with their children’s accounts. Now, they can control screen time, restricted content and also manage whom their children can direct message.

How to enable Family Safety Mode

  1. Launch Tiktok on both parents as well as children’s phones.
  2. Head over to settings in the app and look for Digital Well-being.
  3. Click on family pairing and you get an option to choose whose mobile it is – parent or teen.
  4. Now scan the QR code on one’s phone from another phone.
  5. Finally, you are done settings up Family Safety Mode.

However, this Family Safety Mode can be disabled by kids but parents will be notified.

Sumit Pandit
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