Nokia G300

Nokia G300 Review, Pros and Cons – Nokia smartphones from the HMD company are missing out on the premium market. Also, they are slowly retreating to the basic and the affordable 5G devices. Like many other brands, Nokia’s aim is to increase its market capitalization in the low-cost range. That’s why manufacturers release the Nokia G300 smartphone. It can be considered the successor of the Nokia G20 as there is no G200 on the market.

On the same note, the phone was released in October 2021, and users can purchase this phone in the US smartphone market. Like most low-end phones, you’ll have a decent screen, robust 5G connectivity, adequate performance, and impressive battery life to back it all up. But, competition is quite raging in the affordable 5G range. So here are all the things you need to be aware of before you buy the Nokia G300. Let’s start with a detailed review of the Nokia G300 smartphone.

Nokia G300 Review