WhatsApp Launches New Features called Fact Checking Service

New WhatsApp feature allows you to use multiple devices with the same account: Facebook’s subsidiary company, WhatApps is one of the most popular messaging platforms and has more than 2.1 billion users worldwide, in all these years and to increase the user experience, these apps have been working quite hard.

Recently, WhatApps launches the group chat feature in the new update, which works to connect up to 50 users through the help of a Facebook messaging room. This feature is decent for group meetings and works from the home environment.

New WhatsApp feature Allows you to use multiple devices with the same account

There are rumors that WhatsApp is soon rolling out the feature of multi-devices functionally. It will solve the difficult problem of users because when someone tries to start the WhatsApp account on another device, it opens, but the user’s account will automatically log out from its native device. With the new feature, it would solve that issue, and users can simultaneously use the WhatsApp multiple device, messengers, and other functions.

On the other hand, Web WhatsApp works the same way and resembles the multi-device feature, although, in reality, it just mirror image of the user’s account. However, on the downside, it stops working when the cell phone battery runs out.

According to the WABetaInfo (who tracks the latest news of instant messenger platforms) tweet, it is testing the simultaneous use of multi-device support via a single number or same WhatsApp account. But they also stated that its release date is currently unknown.

There are following other WhatsApp features which are on trial:

  1. It is creating a more comprehensive format, seen last to filter the person.
  2. Like the status, they are working on the self-destruct message, which will delete the message within a specific period.
  3. Links can open through the in-app browser.
  4. Add contacts by scan the WhatsApp QR code.

Users are demanding this feature for a long time since it makes it convenient to use WhatsApp with the same number on different devic