Google Workspace

New home for work experience from G-Suite – Recently, in July 2020, Google announced its plan to bring together key tools such as chat, emails, videos, files, and tasks in sync. You will witness a new “Google Workspace” experience that brings all applications together in one box.

While video calls and messaging were also company-independent apps, Google’s chat ends with a new redesigned web client. The company announced on its blog (home for work) a more flexible way of working with the G-Suite. Now, the question is how it all works.

Google chat needs a subscription to the workspace. Personal accounts are accessible by conversation if someone is invited to the conversation. The existing web interface on a side panel has conversations grouped into Bots, Chat, Rooms, and Pinned so the chat is displayed as a standard application.

new G Suite

According to a report, the redesign has the essentials, except for chat and rooms, including Google Meet shortcuts. You will have the option on the right side and you can click on “Exit full screen” in the upper right corner. It provides a small chat section similar to the Hangouts interface in the Gmail web app.

You can get it at the bottom of the screen and you can minimize it to just check the name. Users can do many things, such as uploading images, adding emojis, and submitting a Google Meet request.

It appears that the company’s design team wants users to know about changes that remain in familiar territory for former Gmail users. Multiple task windows can be opened and there can be only one Room on the main screen so that users do not have to switch screens every time in their conversation.

The sidebar is also reduced with this new interface to show only profile avatars. With the use of better space, the search field is also being moved to the top.

The new interface will be implemented in phases. Some personal accounts are aware of this. Google’s plan appears to move personal accounts from Hangouts to Chat.

The company also announced that Rooms could be a better solution for long-term projects with access to shared chats, drive files, and tasks assigned to colleagues.