Search Console and Google Analytics combine data

Search Console and Google Analytics combine data to create new Google Search Console Insights

New Google Search Console insights show Analytics data – For a few months under the radar, came confirmation from Google about the new Google Search Console Insights. The new data visualization came with Search Console Insights specifically for “Content creators and publishers”. With the help of the new search console, content creators can understand how the user finds the content on their website and the user’s response.

Search Console and Google Analytics combine data to create new Search Console insights. Today the beta version is announced by Google on Twitter.

New Google Search Console insights

Access Search Console insights – if you want to use the beta version of the new search console insights, here you can learn more about it.

List of new Search Console Insights features – According to Google, the new search console can help the publisher and content creators answer questions about their sites and their content.

Such as top-performing content, content performance, how people find your content, the main query trends on your site, other site links to your content, and new links are the few things that the news search console will help you with.

You don’t have to worry if you can access the new beta Google search console insights. This feature is not yet available to all users, as it is still in the beta version. Google will send an email to more users to add more sites over time.

This is a major update to the Google search console because it can help the user see Google Analytics data in one place and understand the performance of the content.

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