MIUI 13 Features, Pros and Cons – With the gradual launch of MIUI 12 on all eligible Xiaomi devices, the company has already issued a statement on the development of the next MIUI 13, which will arrive in 2021.

On one side, the current MIUI 12 based on Android 10 has to offer many features in its storehouses, such as floating windows, super wallpapers, a recently remodeled control center, new loading animations, advanced privacy protection, and many other small one’s changes. The next MIUI 13 is expected to work based on Android 11 and will initially be implemented on a set of premium Xiaomi selected devices.

According to Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 launch schedule, we can expect the next MIUI in the middle of next year. It is likely to be available for testing in early 2021 and, after several testing phases, it will be available to public users probably around July 2021.

MIUI 13 Features

Thanks to Android 11 for giving us a lot of tips on the features and functionality of the next MIUI 13 online. According to rumors, Xiaomi is looking to present a completely modified and modern menu.

Let’s see all the expected and rumored features of MIUI 13 based on Android 11.

  1. A modern media control option with enhanced visual support.
  2. Most powerful touch sensitivity.
  3. Support for native screen recording.
  4. Airplane mode can be programmed as desired.
  5. All-new Android 11 Chat Bubbles for easier and faster response.
  6. The dark mode must be optimized and adjusted for third party applications.
  7. MIUI Always On Display updated with new clock formats and models.
  8. Impressive new monochrome energy-saving mode.
  9. More minimalist design and cool animations.
  10. Older or missed notifications can be viewed easily.
  11. A wider range of some interesting themes and live wallpapers.

In addition to these features, Xiaomi may include more functions that are rumored to be from some sources. One is the blood test feature using the Health app. On the other hand, you can now turn off your phone using eye gestures.

MIUI 13 Pros and Cons

Down below you can see the expected list of pros and cons (advantages and disadvantages) of MIUI 13.


  1. MIUI 13 Based on the latest Android 11 operating system.
  2. Enhanced animations, transitions, and layout functions.
  3. Better battery performance with AI technology.
  4. Some major and minor adjustments and improvements in almost all departments.
  5. Software-based enhancement to images and video
  6. New gesture
  7. Wide range of wallpapers and fonts styles


  1. Full of advertising.
  2. Bloatware is pre-installed.
  3. UI for heavy skin, which may not be suitable for simple phones.
  4. Slow updates from Xiaomi.
  5. Bugs and flaws in the initial MIUI 13 implementation.
MIUI 13 featues pros and cons

Xiaomi devices are eligible for MIUI 13 update

Some of Xiaomi’s qualified devices that are confirmed to get MIUI 13 as early as possible are – Redmi K30 Series,