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Microsoft has removed malicious extensions from add-ons that have already been removed from Google Chrome.

Microsoft has removed malicious edge extensions – Some extensions that injected ads into Google and Bing search results were removed by Microsoft’s Edge Add-ons store. Microsoft’s latest move came when more than 500 malicious extensions were removed by Google from its Chrome Web Store.

As people are entering the world of the Web, advertising fraud is on the rise. Phishing and malware content is being shared with users for bad ads. Some extensions were removed by Microsoft from its Edge add-on store, which had been cloned specifically for the Dark Reader extension and malicious code was contained in it to affect users.

Most of the extensions that inject ads into search results have been removed by Microsoft, which Google has already removed from the Chrome Web Store, which is reported by Techdows.

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Elite Screenshot & Screen, Forest Wallpaper HD New custom tab, Cs Go Wallpaper HD New custom tab, Boku No Hero Academia Wallpaper HD New tab, custom HD cow wallpaper, and Supercars HD sports car wallpaper New tab, etc. are the list of removed extensions from Edge Add-ons.

Microsoft’s Edge add-ons are a new place for extension compared to Google’s Chrome Web Store. The Redmond-based company’s system appears to be ready for removal of the extension that could inject adware and malware via search results.

Regular scans have been carried out by Google to find extensions that violate its policies, according to a Google spokesman recently said. However, researchers at Awake Security have claimed 32 million downloads of Chrome spyware extensions.