Microsoft has extended the service end date for Windows 10 version 1803 until May 2021.

The service end date for Windows 10 Version 1803 has been extended by Microsoft. The scheduled delay is for the Enterprise, Education, and IoT Enterprise editions of the Windows operating system (OS). The final updated security for Windows 10 version 1803 will be released on May 11, 2021, according to an announcement by Microsoft. In November 2019, Microsoft had already stopped supporting other editions of Windows 10 version 1803, the end of the service date was set for November 2020.

This announcement was made by Microsoft in its community blog post. User comments prompted Microsoft to make the decision, suggesting that companies need more time and continuity during the ongoing pandemic. Monthly security updates will be received by Windows 10 version 1803 until May 11, 2021. All support for the version will end after the release of the final update by Microsoft. As we mentioned earlier, the service end date was set for November 10 by Microsoft.

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The delay that is scheduled refers only to the editions Enterprise, Education, and IoT enterprise OS, where the editions Home, Pro, Pro Education, and Pro for Workstation stopped already in 2019.

Security updates for Windows 10 version 1803 will be available through standard Microsoft service points, including Windows Update, Microsoft Update Catalog, and Windows Server Update Services. Current update management workflows do not need to be changed by companies, according to Microsoft, to receive updates.

To continue receiving support and service after May 11, 2021, devices must be planned to be upgraded to the latest Windows 10 iteration by companies running version 1803.

Verification of end of service dates for all versions and editions of the Windows operating system can be chosen by users in the Windows life cycle fact sheet. The Microsoft Lifecycle Policy survey tool can be used by users to check company lifestyle information across all commercial products.

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