Google Photos

Ways to manage your Google photos and move them elsewhere – You should know that Google will soon start counting anything random that has been sent to Google photos for its storage limit. At the moment, it reaches 15 GB compared to its free plan. To manage your Google photos well, you need to consider the following.

google photos

The space you’re using on Google Photos

You should have an idea of ​​how much space is left in the Google storage layer. You may be asked to search the large Gmail inbox or delete some large files from Google Drive.

How much time you have to fill your Google storage quota

This depends on the amount of data you upload to Google services. Google has introduced a tool that takes into account current upload and/or backup habits. It also predicts when you will run out of space.

Reduce the amount of space you’re using in Google Photos

If you upload “Original Quality” content, then your Google Photos account will take up more space than Google Drive or Gmail. You can visit your Google Photos settings and choose to delete any unsupported video files. Click on the “retrieve storage” option and converts your original quality images to “high quality” content. It also frees up a lot of space in Google Photos. You should also make sure to use the latest version of Google Photos on Android or iPhone.

Google will soon introduce a tool that will help you make suggestions about the photos you want to delete. This can include blurry photos or excessively large videos. This helps you to free up a lot of space and get rid of unnecessary material.

How you can start moving Google photos elsewhere

You must be very curious to find a faster and easier way to send all your photos and videos elsewhere. To do this, you can simply open “Google Takeout” in your preferred browser, now uncheck everything, go back and select only the “Google Photos” option.

After that, you can select a delivery method for your files, along with the file options you will receive and finally, you can start the export process. You must ensure that you receive the email from Google, download all your videos and photos to move them elsewhere.