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Make WhatsApp Group Video or Audio Calls: WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world and almost everyone these days has WhatsApp in their phones as it is very easy to use. In this situation of Coronavirus, people are spending most of their time chatting, video, and voice calling with their friends and families as no one can move out of their houses due to lockdowns and quarantines. Recently, WhatsApp announced that they would increase the video and voice calling participants limit from four to eight in the coming weeks.

Thus, it has started rolling out this feature for all iOS users and also to Android beta users. Now, iPhone users will be able to conduct video as well as voice calls with a total of 8 participants. Apart from 8 people group call, iOS 13 users will also get some visual improvements in their phones. Though the Android users have not received the feature yet it will be available soon.

make WhatsApp Group Video or Audio Calls

Whatsapp has announced that all the video, as well as voice calls, have to end-to-end security so that no outsider can hear it. But still, WhatsApp cannot be used for conducting video meetings as 8 participants limit is not enough for this.

Whatsapp will always be a better option than Zoom as Whatsapp is more secure than apps like Zoom if you want to connect to a limited number of people. We have many other options for video conferencing like Google Meet, Teams, Skype, etc. which we can use instead of Zoom.

If you still have not received this feature, you must update the WhatsApp app on your mobile from App Store.

How to make WhatsApp Group Video or Audio Calls in easy steps

  1. First of all, you need to call your friend by voice or video.
  2. You will have the option of a + sign to add another person to the call.
  3. After clicking the + sign, you will have the option to add the person to the WhatsApp group call from your contact list.