LG W41 Pro

LG W41 and LG W41 Pro Review, Pros and Cons – LG devices are equipped with interesting features in the budget range. Recently, they unveiled a number of phones, including LG W41, LG W41 Pro, and LG W41 Plus. Although, as you can imagine, this whole smartphone comes with identical features and designs. However, they have been revealed at the same time on 22 February 2021.

Today, we are testing the LG W41 and the LG W41 Pro, as both models have similar features, but the only thing that varies between them is just the storage specification. Both the LG W41 and the W41 Pro are available exclusively in India. Unfortunately, you won’t find these phones available on Amazon or Flipkart. Of course, you can buy them directly from the official LG website, where you must select the nearest LG store.

On the other hand, there is no news that these phones will have an international debut. It may be possible unless the company renames it otherwise. Anyway, if you want to know more about the LG W41 Plus, we have a separate review of it. Check it out in your spare time. Let’s start the full review of LG W41 and LG W41 Pro smartphones.

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LG W41 and LG W41 Pro Review


  1. The device sports a standard 6.55 inches IPS technology HD panel cover with advanced brightness capability.
  2. Next, you will receive a 48 MP quad-camera equipped with the benefits of ultra-wide, macro, and depth sensors.
  3. At the front, the 8 MP selfie was opened to provide decent results in a good light.
  4. The performance aspect is managed through a relatively less powerful Helio G35.
  5. Power supplies through a huge 5000 mAh battery that also comes with a normal charger.

Design and Display

Unlike any other brand, like Oppo, Vivo, or OnePlus, LG strived to create a fantastic user experience. This is clearly visible on the LG W41 and W41 Pro smartphones. You choose the Magic Blue and Laser Blue color option. Both models may have a similar color scheme, but the hue makes them a little different.

The double shadow somehow manages to give the phone an enveloping layout while the camera plate changes slightly. The phone is now equipped with a quad-camera configuration. You will notice a fingerprint scanner mounted on the rear panel, and the placement is neither high nor low. This way, you will have no problem while using the biometric scanner.

But what makes it even better are the vivid and vibrant colors of the IPS LCD. Even though IPS, not OLED, you will notice a dramatic improvement in tones. Although the 6.55 inches panel is stuck in HD resolution, it lowers quality content to some extent. In addition, watching YouTube in 1080p will be just a dream.

Although the front of the phone looks very good and the curved edges are a refreshing look for the phone. In addition, the flat surface guarantees a mesmerizing experience with a packing point notch on the top. In addition, the chin does not look thick if you compare the aspect ratio of the screen. Not to forget, you will also find a dedicated AI button.

Memory and Internal

Internal dexterity is pretty basic, although you don’t experience any delays. However, the Helio G35 chipset is not the right choice at the heart of these devices. Processing speed and performance are already relatively low and you can’t do mu