Lenovo Foldable Specification Details and Release Date

Lenovo Fold Specification Details and Release Date

Numerous cell phone manufacturers have been planning to make a foldable phone since couple of years. This year 2019, when the foldable cell phones are making their debuts.

While Samsung and Huawei have already release their first foldable phone as Galaxy Fold and Mate X. Other cell phone company are additionally working to release their own foldable cell phone.

Among those cell phone creators is Motorola, which is planning to dispatch Motorola RAZR (2019). RAZR is the first foldable cell phone by Motorola this year. According to the reports, it is planned in such a way that the Moto Razr opens and closes vertically.

Lenovo Fold smartphone

Presently, Motorola’s parent organization Lenovo is working to bring another foldable smartphone. Lenovo has not revealed this phone, the patent demonstrates a foldable clamshell cell phone with similarities to the Motorola RAZR patent.

It has an adaptable hing that lets the user to fold the gadget in two or three distinctive ways. Lenovo fold smartphone has a second screen on the base back side of the phone.

This back screen can be fold over main screen a little part. The smartphone can be fold again making this phone progressively more smaller, ensuring a significant part of the display screen and uncovering a little portion of the top point of the main screen. The selfie camera will be set in the top-bezel with the earpiece. The rear camera setup will be put on the phone back panel.

This month Samsung Galaxy Fold will be accessible for buy at a cost tag of $1,980 while the Huawei Mate X will be avaliable later this mid year conveying a sticker price of around $2,600.

Aside from Lenovo and Motorola, other cell phone makers including Xiaomi, Oppo and TCL have officially affirmed that they will dispatch their very own foldable phones this year.

Lenovo Foldable smartphone

It is expected that this phone will be available till June. Talking about the specification it is not officially release, but it is expected that New Lenovo Fold Smartphone phone specification will be much more similar with moto Razr.

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