Lava Z2 Max

Lava Z2 Max Review, Pros and Cons – As we’ve already witnessed the brand’s native power to acquire its customers across India, the Lava comes with another exclusive smartphone, the Lava Z2 Max smartphone, which is quite strange in today’s market. Whether the phone will prevail over other phones will be discussed in this review. The phone was released on May 11, 2021.

It’s strange because the Lava Z2 Max smartphone looks like an updated version of the Lava Z2, but in processing, it lags behind. As Z2 Max doesn’t come with any chipset and GPU. The phone has a tall display and a powerful battery to last all day doing everything you need. As a low-budget 4G phone, you might be attracted to it, but let’s take a look at the detailed review of the Lava Z2 Max smartphone.

Lava Z2 Max Review


  1. The Lava Z2 Max smartphone comes with a unique 7 inches screen that offers an amazing kind of cinematic experience.
  2. Android 10 (Go edition) is the operating system on this phone with updates guaranteed as per the company statement.
  3. You may be disappointed to read that there is no standard chipset or graphics unit for faster performance.
  4. The rear panel features a 13MP main camera with a 2MP depth sensor.
  5. You will enjoy its long-lasting power because of its Li-Po 6000 mAh battery.

Design and Display

Lava comes first with a much larger display that comes with just a few brands. This initiative is unique and also strange. This is probably the first phone to have a screen larger than the standard size. The phone has a resolution of 720p which displays visual entities on the 7.0 inches IPS LCD display, which is quite unusual in the market.

If you love a bigger screen to experience the real-life cinematic journey, you can try your luck. It displays decent image quality. So, without a doubt, the visual experience on screen is amazing. Since there is a 60Hz default refresh rate you may experience motion blur.

Lava Z2 Max has come to give you some notable models. The rear panel has a bright stripe in two variants, Stroked Blue and Stroked Cyan. While the former seems more appealing to me, you can also choose the latter. The dual-camera portion takes up space that is even negligible. There is no fingerprint sensor and the phone is much heavier at 216 g in weight. Remember to adjust your pocket too as it comes with a bigger screen. You can choose according to your handling capabilities, but keep in mind the cons of getting a bigger phone.

Memory and Internal

The above feature cannot be considered a better addition if the phone does not provide decent performance. Quality depends on the chipset, processor, and battery. Here, in the processor section, the phone will take away all the hope you gained from reading the section above. The Lava Z2 Max smartphone is not ready for the next generation because it runs on the operating system is Android 10 (Go edition) OS. Also, there is no custom UI that allows you to use your phone