Lava Z1

Lava Z1 Review, Pros and Cons – Where all other brands are conquering the mobile market, providing some extraordinary phones on a low budget with 5g technology, but Lava phones have been left behind. Lava hasn’t released any 5g smartphone yet, but we’re hoping they’ll launch it by the end of the year.

Known as a purely Indian brand, the company has gained some trust in the Indian market over the years by providing low-budget phones. In January, the company launched another budget smartphone called the Lava Z1 smartphone. In terms of performance, Lava does not disappoint, as it is perfect as per the price point.

Whether the brand attracts your attention or not, the Lave smartphone has many fans in India. The Lava Z1 smartphone claims to be one of the competitive phones with other brands like BLU M7L phone in the same price range. Though the features are limited within that budget. Let’s dig deep into the detailed review of the Lava Z1 smartphone.

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