iPhone 12 series phones

iPhone 12 Release Date, Specifications, Pros and Cons – The 2020 iPhone is expected to be launched in September or October of this year. The iPhone 2020 is to be named iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro if the same naming scheme is followed by Apple as for the 2019 iPhone. Major updates will be featured in the 2020 iPhones and OLED screens are expected in all the 2020 iPhones with a refresh rate of 120Hz in the higher-end models, but due to battery life constraints, it’s not guaranteed.

Release Date and Features: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Max and iPhone pro Max Pro

Release Date

There are already a dozen of rumors about the upcoming devices, which are expected to release in September or October 2020. The October month is circled by most Apple watchers on their calendars after it was reported to push the mass production by a month by the Wall Street Journal. It’s the first time since 2011 that the iPhone 12 launch event was being pushed to October.

iPhone 12 will appear in late September with the phone shipping in early October, according to an analyst from Wedbush, Daniel Ives. Behind Apple’s normal schedule this would be only a few weeks.


It is expected that the 5.4 inches screen comes with iPhone 12, the 6.1 inches for iPhone 12 Pro, 6.1 inches for iPhone 12 Max, and 6.7 inches for iPhone 12 Pro Max are the four iPhone 12 series models that are expected to come this year.

The higher OLED devices with triple-lens cameras come with iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max while the lower-end iPhones with dual camera models, as per rumors. A 120Hz refresh rate in some higher-end models could be expected, but not guaranteed due to battery life constraints. However, all 2020 iPhones feature OLED displays screen, regardless of their price. A significant redesign with a metal frame will be featured in the iPhones coming in 2020, which is similar to the iPhone 4 or the iPad Pro frame.

A new TrueDepth camera system cutting down on the side of the notch with a 3D triple-lens rear camera system using a laser for calculating the depth information of objects in the room, improving both photography and AR capabilities are present in the new iPhone 12, as per rumors. Likely similar to the LiDAR Scanner in the 2020 iPad Pro, this shall be limited to the higher-end iPhone models.

Moreover, 5G networks that are much faster than the 4G LTE networks are supported in the new 2020