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iOS 14 new precise location feature to control GPS tracking – The Apple iOS 14 operating system will bring a new feature that allows users to control applications for approximate GPS location than exact location. Precise location switching help to manage applications that need access to the user’s current location data. In the previous version of iOS, many applications work efficiently with the approximate GPS location feature. IOS 14 OS is expected to launch this feature globally in late 2020.

How to set the approximate or exact precise location

exact precise location

The iOS user can change the approximate location setting for apps that need GPS location for the user. There are many applications that do not require GPS location, but they ask you to give access to the GPS location at the time of installation.

In the previous version of iOS, once the user giving access to the location, this application always tracks the user’s exact location, even if it is not necessary. The new iOS 14 will solve this problem, allowing the app to access a location close to the exact one mentioned in the 9to5Mac report.

The new APIs included in the iOS 14 OS that allows applications to collect the minimum amount of information needed, the advantage of this feature is that the user has full control to decide which application he wants to give exact GPS access to.

This feature of iOS 14 will be available on the iPhone 8, 7, 6s, and higher versions. For iOS 14 and iPad OS 14, the current beta version is available and, later this year, the final version will be available.

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