How To Install Windows 10 On Your PC or Laptop

How To Install Windows 10 On Your PC or Laptop 5 Easy Steps

Five simple easy steps to install Windows 10 on your pc or laptop. Before you start be sure that you have Windows 10 installation file must be stored onto a CD or Flash drive, and it must be connected to your PC. On the off chance that you haven’t yet downloaded the Windows 10 installation, adhere to the guidelines from Microsoft website.

Install Windows 10 On Your PC or Laptop


Open the Start menu either click the Windows symbol in the base left corner of the computer or laptop screen or press the Windows key from keyboard. Select the power button corner of the Start window and Press Restart button. Press and hold Del or F2 to enter BIOS setup. This key may likewise be an alternate key in most PC or Laptop.


Select Boot tab, You’ll utilize the keys to choose it. choose a device from which you want to boot your computer or laptop:
– For a USB streak drive, choose the Removable Devices.
– For windows 10 installation from disc select the CD-ROM Drive.

Press the + key until boot option When either Removable Devices or CD-ROM Drive is at the highest priority on the rundown,