Suggested posts allow the user to check posts from different accounts

Instagram launches suggested posts feature in main feed – Suggested posts are being introduced by Instagram, allowing users to see posts from accounts they are not following at the end of the feed. The photo and video-sharing app has found a way to retain users for a long time, showing them posts from accounts with content similar to those that these users are following or the posts being liked and saved by them.

The message “You are up to date” was being displayed to users, to notify them, when they rolled the recent account’s posts, they are following and then the oldest posts will be shown to them who had already rolled through. Users should have a chance to scroll through posts that were not shown to them, based on Instagram suggestions, rather than who the users are following.

The preference of users so far has determined the Instagram feed and the people they follow. The control over the content was of the users, who saw on the home page, except in the case of sponsored ads appearing every few posts. Written by Instagram in its Help Center, that suggested posts can be seen by users after the most recent posts are seen by them in the accounts that follow.

Instagram suggested posts

Suggestions should be based on posts from accounts similar to the ones users are following, according to the Facebook-owned app. The posts that users like or save are similar to the suggested posts.

After trying the feature, it was found that the suggested posts are different when compared to the Explore tab, while searches and all posts are taken into account by Explore, with which users interacted. The suggested posts are very similar to the accounts being followed by users.

Explore posts focus on an adjacent, broader content and the post will be related to the content being followed by users. The main focus according to the head of the product at Instagram Home, Julian Gutman, who featured in the report was to get people to deepen their interests and make relevant content easily seen when users reach the end of the feed.

According to Gutman, only photos and videos will be present in the suggested posts and not the spools or excerpts from IGTV at the moment. However, these suggestions mu