Instagram is being spied on by Facebook through cameras – Instagram users are being spied on by Facebook through the unauthorized use of their cell phone cameras, for which Facebook is being sued.

According to the process generated from media reports in July, iPhone cameras were being accessed by the photo-sharing application, even when users were not actively using it.

The complaints were denied by the social networking giant Facebook and blamed a bug that was being fixed by Facebook, for triggering what was described as false notifications that iPhone cameras were being accessed by Instagram.

Facebook has been Caught Keeping an Eye on Users Data Once Again

According to the complaint filed in the San Francisco federal court, New Jersey Instagram user Brittany Conditi says the camera is being used intentionally in the app and that collecting profitable and valuable data from users was the goal that would not have access to.

According to the complaint, when extremely intimate and private personal data, including the privacy of their own homes, is obtained, valuable information and market research can be collected by Instagram and Facebook.

No comments were provided by Facebook. According to a lawsuit filed last month, the charge of using facial recognition technology was being used by Facebook to collect the biometric data of its 100 million Instagram users. The complaint was denied by Facebook and they said that facial recognition technology is not used by Instagram.

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