Infinix Zero 8i

Infinix Zero 8i Review, Pros and Cons – Infinix phones have been saturated in the basic smartphone segment for a long time. We forget that they also have a mid-range line. If you remember well, Infinix launched its Zero series. The last phone that arrives in this series was two years ago. The revival of the Zero series program brings new hope to users who want a smartphone with a decent budget.

Even though Infinix launched Zero 8 globally and they come back with yet another excellent device. Yes, it is called the Infinix Zero 8i smartphone, which is a lower version of Zero 8. However, the difference is in the camera section. In addition, everything is identical between them from head to toe, and many things will be discovered in the in-depth review down below.

Infinix Zero 8i Review


  1. The tall structure is heavy and features a decent screen-to-body ratio, which also incorporates a 6.85-inch screen.
  2. Processing section using the Helio G90T chipset centered on games that dramatically increase the gaming experience.
  3. On the other hand, the 90 Hz refresh frame rate can run games at the highest settings, while providing double-effective touch detection.
  4. In terms of battery, the Infinix Zero 8i can charge through a 33 W brick and deploys a 5000 mAh battery.
  5. To challenge fierce competition, the 48 quad-camera setup offers a dual selfie camera. So, in total, you will receive six lenses to capture the snapshots.

Design and Display

Infinix has been implementing a matte finish on the polycarbonate body for some time now. Correctly, the silver and black tint gives a premium design, which will attract interested buyers. The gem-cut quad-camera integrated into the rear panel offers an exceptional yet refreshing feel. In addition, the layout may look strange in two shades at first, but the actual colors will be shown in front of the reflection.

Either way, you won’t be able to see the Corning glass shield at the front. Still, in terms of internal screen features – the 90 Hz offers impressive viewing and navigation experience. In addition, the tall screen with 6.85 inches IPS LCD technology appears with incredible adjustments to impress users. The strength of the Infinix Zero 8i smartphone is the aspect of brightness, which reaches 480 nits. With this setting, you can see everything clearly, even in bright sunlight.

Memory and Internal

Unlike other Infinix products, the Zero 8i is one of those smartphones that the company is blessed with a powerful, performance-oriented chipset. The opportunity to become the heart of this phone is given to the Helio G90T chipset, which is wonderful due to its gaming capabilities. After a long time, Infinix put an excellent intermediate